The less you care,the happier you will be.
*accidentally purposely turns conversation sexual*
But it never seemed like you missed me. And I guess because of it I stopped missing you.

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I trust actions better than words.

Sanay na akong masaktan. Sa sobrang sanay nga, ineenjoy ko nalang.

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When it hurts to look back and your afraid to look ahead, try to look beside you and there will be your friends.


It’s hard to take a role in someone’s life, when you’re not even part of the script. It’s hard to fit yourself up in a spot when you’re not even invited in the first place. It’s hard to tell everyone to give you way when you don’t have the right to do that. Because all you’ll feel were heartbreaks, disappointments and pain. 

Touch her heart, not her body. Steal her attention, not her virginity. Make her smile. Don’t waste her tears.

The more you love, the weaker you are.

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Sometimes the girl who has been there for everyone else needs someone to be there for her.

-- Unknown (via buhaybabae)